Friday, May 30, 2008


The meeting with Kent went really well. He gave me some really good direction. There are 2 more steps that I have lined up now as far as career and idea pitching. 1st on Monday June 2nd I have an interview at KCMS (spirit 105.3) for a sales position, and next week some time I will be meeing with Lisa Decker (the General Manager here at CBS radio) to talk about my idea. I had met previously with Becky Brenner who is the program director at KMPS, and she suggested this week that I meet with Lisa to talk about the possibility of KISS 106.1 being interested in streaming a positive alternative music station on their website. It would be under the KISS label, and who knows what kind fo buzz it may create. Also, maybe expanding the on air christian countdown that happens on sunday mornings to include more music, and more programming. We will see. KISS is without a Program director right now, so Lisa has the power to change things around if she wants. It's pretty amazing, and I am excited for the opportunity. I want so badly to be where God wants me, wherever that may be. Praise His name, he is leading me on!!!

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